WordPress Website Design & Development in DIY Steps

Website Build Step 1

Secure Your Domain Name

This is the first place search engines look. Be savvy and choose a domain name with top keywords. Choose more than one domain name to help people find you. Your dream, great idea or a newborn child’s name can be a good investment.

Website Build Step 2

Secure WordPress Hosting & SSL Cert.

You want safe, secure and affordable hosting. Our services give refunds for hosting when other companies won’t. Our customer support is based in the United States, available 24/7 and multilingual.

Website Build Step 3

Select a Wordpress Template

The  WordPress templates we recommend offer clean code, easy management and regular upgrades. You can also search for free templates on WordPress.org. Be sure to select a “responsive” theme to be mobile friendly.

Website Build Step 4

Create Keyword-Rich Content & Video

When writing and creating good content you should always have SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. Is the text unique, meaningful and entertaining? Does copy include keywords and keyword phrases? Is it relevant?

4 good reasons for moving your site to WordPress:

  • 91% of people worldwide own a mobile phone
  • 58% of all U.S. consumers own a smartphone
  • 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether it’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TVs
  • Tablet users spend 50% more than PC users

What you feel is important to mobile visitors can be emphasized, such as your location, phone number and hours.

WordPress Tips

WordPress provides a state-of-the-art minimalistic approach:

  • Clean design
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Quick and easy for visitors to find points of interest

Mobile devices have changed the way fonts and images are displayed.

Generally, larger images and fonts have the best readability. Use only Web-safe fonts. Changing your mind, updating, and making corrections will be easy in WordPress.

Create indicators prompting users to engage.

Include social media icons, which serve as micro indicators for the user to click on. You also want users to be inspired to “join ” and share you. Be clear and direct in your “calls to action.”

Update your WordPress site if you:
• suspect hacking
• have not updated your WordPress site to the latest version
• have difficulty with spam
• want to stay relevant to search engines


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